Door Access

Scorpion Door Access Systems provide controlled and secure admission to visitors or customers by the residents or staff. Our systems are suitable for residential and commercial premises.

We have many years experience in the installation and maintenance of door entry & electronic security equipment on various types of property, from small residential home projects to large multi-entrance fully integrated systems. Our door entry systems are designed by us for you. With your needs and requirements understood we can provide systems door entry systems that are both secure and convenient.

Designed to give security while retaining convenient access our door entry systems help control the authorised access to your property and add value and safety We can offer a wide range of door entry systems to suit your requirement. A wide selection of additional equipment can be incorporated into the system to fully realise your needs.

These worthy additions are available ranging from simple code access keypads-key ring fob ID cards to biometric readers.

  • Modular Door Access Systems

    Modular door entry systems enable, in an easy and cost effective way, to customize outdoor stations to meet a vast range of installation requirements. By combining modules together, a system as simple as a single button or as complex as a multiple button with video, coded access or proximity access can be assembled.

  • Specialised Entry Systems

    Specialized systems have many advanced features including full privacy of speech and lock release, timed call, timed door release and timed conversation.

    Systems are available from as small as a one way up to 1000 apartments and 99 doors.

  • Biometric Systems

    Biometric entry control goes beyond fingerprinting access and uses computerized facial recognition for the tracking of individuals. Biometric systems recognize individuals not only from their fingerprints, but alternative systems are based on iris and voice recognition readers. This allows easy and fast entry for legitimate personnel.

  • Concierge Systems

    Audio and Video concierge unit systems are available and are capable of intercepting calls from both the apartments and the door panels. The use of concierge systems can greatly improve the co-ordination of the facilities management of properties and developments

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