Perimeter Electric Fencing

Drawing on extensive experience and utilizing proven technological advances, Scorpion provides electric perimeter security solutions that are effective, safe, and reliable.

Perimeter is the first point of access control and intrusion detection. Scorpion offers a range of perimeter security technologies including software controlled or standalone electric fences through to 'no-feel' perimeter sensors which can be applied to site perimeter whether that's a fence, building walls or a roof top.

Deter And Detect

Scorpion electric fence systems are founded on two core principles for perimeter security:

  • Deterrence - deter anyone from attempting to break in or out.
  • Detection - detect attempts to breach the perimeter.

Integrated Solution

Scorpion Perimiter Fencing Solution integrates the unique advantages of advanced perimeter security with the sophisticated security integration platform provided by Scorpion command centre software and intelligent field controllers. The integrated solution enables sites to manage system-wide security through one management platform, through a single user interface.


As our customers attest, the results of this combination are impressive:

  • No further security breaches
  • A safe and secure environment for people
  • Protection of intellectual property and physical assets
  • Enhancement of their image amongst their own customers
  • Ensures all regulatory safety requirements are met
  • The payback starts from day one
  • And, you can finally get a good night's sleep!

Learn more about Scorpion Perimiter Fencing Solution. An investment in a Scorpion perimeter solution means you can focus on growing your business.

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