One Card Solutions

Scorpion is a leading supplier of smart card technology and is continuously pioneering applications for use in both campus and commercial environments. Our main focus is to provide a wide range of highly reliable solutions that will advance the development of card technology.

We specialise in providing campus wide solutions using state of the art technology. Our business is to provide "one card" campus solutions to enhance campus life for all. Solutions combine the best of new and evolving technology, robust solutions and elegant design in campus cards. With a strong emphasis and investment in R&D, we are continuously researching and developing new and related solutions for our extensive range of products.

This combination provides a real multi-function Campus ID card that cardholders are proud to carry. As Campuses strive to deliver the most modern and cost effective services for their community, a successful multi-function card is the key to this progress. A campus card is now recognised as a key revenue generator for many campuses across the globe.

Card Supplies

Scorpion Solutions offer a wide range of card supplies no matter what the card technology requirement is. We can provide cards that meet the needs and requirements of all our customers. Our card manufacturing partners produce all types of cards including a full range of contactless, proximity, biometrics and smart card products.

We also provide a complete range of magnetic stripe cards, high frequency and low frequency transponder tags and labels. Our transponders can be supplied in various component package forms - from disc tag to labels, cards and even custom shaped tags.

With the need for more authentication, security and controlled access, Scorpion Solutions will provide expert advice on the appropriate card technology for your requirement. Customers can always be assured of top quality, competitive pricing and timely delivery. 


Card Readers

Scorpion Solutions is a leading supplier of magnetic stripe, RFID and smart card contactless reader. We have established partnerships worldwide with companies who specialise in the manufacturing of card readers and identification technology products. Our aim is to stock and provide an extensive range of quality and cost effective readers to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Contact and contactless readers for transponder tags and cards, simple balance readers, handheld portable readers to readers connected to computers via RS232 are just some of our range of products that we supply.

Point of Sale Terminal

Scorpion Solutions provides a POS server that can link up to 32 units of network-based POS terminal Each POS terminal operates independently. This gives it the ability to work as a standalone unit should and as a result, disconnection with server will not affect daily activities. Features include:

  • Support various payment method such as value payment, fixed value payment and payment by record
  • 2 levels of auto data synchronization i.e. from PC to POS Server and from POS Server to POS Terminal

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