Lift Access Controls

The Scorpion Lift Access Solution operates by using one of a range of input devices including keypad or proximity reader connected to a controller to limit user access to a specified floor or floors in a multi-story building. Only authorized user are allowed to access specific floor. Ideal solution to increase the privacy and security level in commercial building, apartment and condominium. Building manager can effectively control and monitor visitors flow.

Electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your building and assets. Our access control systems are flexible enough to cater for all requirements; the basic system can serve from one to one hundred users. Multi Site systems can accommodate several thousand users providing management with control over times of access to selected areas and by personnel.

One of the most attractive features for management is that should a card or fob be lost, a fob can simply be deleted from the system and a new one issued. The lost fob can no longer gain access.

When ordinary keys are lost, all of the locks need to be replaced to maintain security, this cost and loss of the building integrity is no longer a problem with an access control system.


  • Control vandalism activity by unauthorized visitor
  • Support "One-Card-Total" integration with door access and parking system
  • Significantly eliminate robbery or hostile intrusion
  • Tenant will feel safer & have more privacy

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